May we extend a warm Kiwi welcome to you if you are visiting our online store for the very first time!

Our aim is to always help you before you buy from our online store so if you do not know quite what you are looking for please contact us and we will be delighted to explain our products to you and point you in the right direction.

Our reputation with our customers far and wide has been founded on TRUST, QUALITY and RELIABILITY. We regularly spend time installing and setting up the products for our customers and we always give them the final test before they are put to good use.

We go to great lengths to make sure EVERYONE IS HAPPY even if it means making a referral to a competitor because they offer the product, brand or service and we do not.


From humble beginnings, we started Malmaks Water Shop in July 2008 and we are pleased to say we have grown into a thriving and prosperous company in the Water Product Supply industry.

Terry Burgess
Terry Burgess is Malmaks Water Shop's founder and owner. Having an engineering background that has spanned 43 years, Terry has established a reputation for quality design and construction processes. Together with his childhood love for everything about water, it was only a matter of time before these skills would combine to form a company dedicated to supplying superior water products and services to its customers. Terry says:

"For years I have been actively promoting the use of products and practices that will ultimately turn New Zealand into a more of a sustainable country. We now have Rain Water Harvesting products that capture our rain water and make it safe enough for us to drink and use! We also have products and methods in place to recycle the grey water from our homes so it can be used again! I am thrilled that this is saving families hundreds of dollars each year off their water bills and I'm proud to be able be a part of New Zealand's Green Initiatives.
Every day our business offers new opportunities to serve our customers with product and services. It gives me great pleasure seeing a satisfied person who is using us for the first time! Our business success has been built on honest customer feedback and referral."




We believe firmly in 100% customer satisfaction. This amounts to providing the best quality products at competitive prices all the time. Our mission is to have satisfied customers returning to us time and time again because of the experience they have received. This can only be achieved if our reputation is like our water once it is filtered ... pure and clean!