STERILIGHT R-Can 20 Inch BIG Triple Housing Ultraviolet System


This top quality UV S12Q-PA/2 Sterilight R-Can unit is made from 304 stainless steel in Canada and is the "Real Mcoy" rated up to 110 ltrs per minute, enough for the whole house.

This ultraviolet model is the most common used in NZ.

Comes complete as shown with 3 X 20" Heavy Duty BIG BLUE / JUMBO size water filter housings.

NSF Certified Gradient Density Prefilters are comprised of different micron sizes[list class=special-4][li]First cartridge: 50-30-20 micron[/li][li]Second cartridge: 20-5-1 microns[/li][/list]The third filter is for polishing the water with a Carbon Block CTO filter (made in USA) to remove any taste and odor.Package includes:[list class=special-4][li]1 x Sterilight S12Q-PA complete unit[/li][li]3 x 20" BIG size H/Duty housings 3/4"[/li][li] 3 x Dual gradient prefilters[/li][li]1 x bracket with screws[/li][li]1 x housing wrench[/li][li]1 x 600mm 3/4" SS flexi hose[/li][li]5 x 3/4" to 3/4" threaded joiners[/li][/list]This unit will come as shown, mounted, tested and with a money back guarantee on any faulty items purchased.These units must be mounted indoors and are suitable for tank or bore water. Power Surge/Spike protection is also required.[span class=alert]All sterilisers must be connected to a suitable power surge protector[/span]

Category: Water Sterilsers, Water Treatment

Type: Unknown Type

Vendor: Sterilight