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This Water Treatment System is the very best for iron and manganese removal up to 10 parts per million. This system will provide a water flow of 40 LPM. Our Pyrolox Iron Water Filter Tanks remove iron, sulfur, and manganese. They also control turbidity, reduce chlorine (if present), and have many other benefits. They are also "Chemical Free", so there are no chemicals to add, mix or drink. Pyrolox is a mineral bed inside of a high pressure back washable tank, which when back washed sends the foreign substances in your water down the drain. These filters are also great for making your water softener work more efficiently and smoothly for many years by removing the resin contaminating iron and manganese before the softener.

This filter comes with a auto backwash valve.

 Pyrolox Benefits:

[list class=special-4][li]Remove iron, sulfur, and manganese with one filter![/li][li]Rust stain, rotten egg smells and all kinds of smelly water are history with this filtration system.[/li][li]Completely Chemical Free operation. No hazardous materials to work with.[/li][li]Remove contaminants, odors, tastes, and turbidity from your water. Add a chemical feeder and remove tannins, iron bacteria and other organic contaminants[/li][/list]A naturally mined ore, Pyrolox® is a mineral form of manganese dioxide which has been used in water treatment for more than 75 years. Pyrolox is a granular filtration media for hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese reduction. Pyrolox functions as a catalyst, but itself remains relatively unchanged. Pyrolox works on a principle whereby the hydrogen sulfide, iron and manganese are oxidized and trapped on the media while simple backwashing cleans the bed. No chemical regeneration is required, nothing is imparted into the drinking water and Pyrolox has a high capacity for low contaminant concentrations. Pyrolox can be used in conjunction with aeration, chlorination, ozone or other treatment methods for difficult applications. Chlorine or other oxidants accelerate the catalytic reaction. Because of its heavy weight, it is very important that Pyrolox filters are back washed properly to insure adequate bed expansion and continued service


[list class=special-4][li]Effective reduction of iron, sulfur and manganese[/li][li]Durable material with long service life and low annual attrition of bed[/li][li]No chemical regeneration required only periodic back washing[/li][/list]


[list class=special-4][li]Color: black[/li][li]Bulk Density: 125 lbs./cu. ft.[/li][li]Mesh Size: 8 x 20[/li][li]Effective Size: 0.51 mm[/li][li]Uniform Coefficient: 1.7[/li][li] Specific Gravity: 3.8[/li][/list]


[list class=special-4][li]pH: 6.5-9.0[/li][li]Bed depth: application dependent[/li][li]Backwash flow rate: 25-30 gpm per sq. ft.[/li][li]Backwash expansion: 15-30% of bed depth[/li][li]Service flow rate: 5 gpm/ sq. ft.[/li][li]Freeboard: 40% of bed depth (min.)[/li][/list]

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