Davey Master Dealer

It has been a busy year for us here at Malmaks Water Shop and as we all begin to think about bringing it to an end we'd like to thank all of our customers for your business and repeat custom.

Malmaks Water Shop - now a Davey Master Dealer

Last month we saw Davey Pumps hold their national dealer conference in Tauranga. Spending the 2 days there with them proved very valuable as they delivered some excellent information sessions and outlined new products for next year.

We were delighted to be announced First Place Sales Winners of the Water Softener Product range - Davey Kinetico and were awarded Davey Master Dealer status for the business. TheDavey Master Dealer Program outlines the following requirements:

The Davey Master Dealer Program is designed to support consumers and users of our products by recognising a select group of retailers who:

Will provide you with a comprehensive range of Davey products in their specialty area Will provide you the expertise required to select the right Davey product for your needs Will provide you with pre and post sales support so you can feel confident in your purchase Will represent Davey’s brand promise of dependability   There is a strict criterion our retail partners must adhere to before being invited to join the program.

In part, Davey Master Dealers:


  • Must be a significant water/irrigation, swimming pool, and or community water treatment specialist - a retail outlet with a workshop and have a ‘significant’ presence in the area.
  • Must provide good pre and post sale service through their staff competent in our products and general applications.
  • Must support and stock an agreed range of Davey finished goods suited to the local market.
  • Must stock an agreed range of Davey Spare Parts and preferably have service capability (minimum requirement – in house workshop).
  • Must have Davey products as their prominent brand in the business and retail area.
  • Must attend Davey product and service training.
  • Must be willing to have their stores and service centres audited and ‘mystery shopped’.


We have been exceedingly pleased with Davey's Kinetico Water Softener this year and the feedback from our customers has been extremely favourable for their product range. We have taken the liberty to outline the features below and please feel free to call us if you have further questions or require more information.


Davey Kinetico Water Softeners

Reduce calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron from water sources.

Davey Kinetico softeners are ideal for

  • Reducing calcium, magnesium, manganese, and iron from water sources.

Hard water can mean hard work.... hard work in the kitchen, laundry & bathroom. Davey's Kinetico water softeners offer a hard working alternative to make your life easier by dependably providing soft clean water.

Features & Benefits

  • Only Davey Kinetico uses the kinetic energy of moving water to power its system instead of electricity - thanks to the patented turbine. So you'll never have to worry about costly repairs or higher electricity bills.


  • Our twin tank design allows our system to backwash without ever going offline for round the clock operation. You'll never be interrupted of inconvenienced by regeneration.

Metered Regeneration

  • Measures water use to accurately determine when it's time to regenerate with clock-like precision, resulting in up to 20% less waste water and up to 40% savings in salt. Your softener automatically adjusts to your water use patterns.

Soft Water Rinse

  • Uses only soft conditioned water to clean the media, which extends the life of the system.

Counter Current Regeneration

  • Unlike most other systems, ours regenerates from the bottom up for a more even and efficient use of resin beads, resulting in less waste water, less salt use and a longer lasting system.