Kit comprising 2 x E.SYBOX, 1 x E.SYTWIN for heads to 61m, flows to 210L/m.

Can be set up as duty assist or duty standby.

Note. KITESY does not ship assembled.

The DAB E.SYLINE Commercial Range provides a complete modular pumping solution where adding flow is as simple as adding another pumping module. Each pumping module when interconnected increases the available flow out of the system, whilst allowing for each to be easily removed and serviced when required. Simple installations, easy expandability and cost effective servicing.
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KIT E.SYTWIN is the evolution of E.SYBOX, creating a connection between two pumps.

A better, longer life

  • KIT E.SYTWIN ensures constant water supply thanks to the BACKUP function.
  • The new software algorithms constantly analyses the operation of the system, thus optimizing alternating use of the two units.
More power, less space
  • KIT E.SYTWIN offers exceptional performance thanks to combined operation with a 50% reduction in size compared to traditional units.
Everything you need
  • The wireless interface handles communication between the two units
  • Ensures hydraulic connection without the need for additional components for installation and operation
  • Group operation visible on every display.
  • 11/4” suction and delivery fittings
  • 752L x 358D x 730H
  • KIT E.SYTWIN comprises 2 x E.SYBOX & 1 x E.SYTWIN for assembly on site
2 Year DAB Pumps Warranty
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Drinking Water Approved
AS/NZS 4020 drinking water approved

AS/NZS 4020 Drinking Water Approved.

Pumps that are AS/NZS 4020 Drinking Water Approved Offer peace-of-mind.

This approval ensures that the pump will not contribute any toxic materials or metals to the liquid being pumped, won’t support the growth of micro-organisms and won’t change the taste or appearance of your water. Read More...


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