Delux All-in-one Pump Box - DAB-E.SYBOX Mini, 10" Jumbo Filters, UV Lamp, Pump Box

Pump and UV Filtration System

Pump Box Contain:

  • UV Steriliser light
  • 20 micron Gradient Density filter -takes the large particles out of your water
  • 1 micron Gradient Density filter - removes the microscopic particles out of your water
  • Filter Housings - industry standard, solid design, found in homes everywhere!
  • Flexi Hose and all attachments
  • Filter Housing Spanner
  • Lockable Storage Box - Houses your complete system - made of extremely durable materials, guaranteed for 20 years and can be stored neatly in a garage or at the side of your property.
  • Storage box colours available - dark green, dark grey and beige
  • Power Connection and Bulkhead Fittings
  • All instructions included and system comes pre-tested
Technical Specifications
Product Type 1" BSPF inlet
Product Type Pump & Box Package
Brand DAB Pumps
Suitable For Clean Water
Bar 5 Bar
Approval Approved For Drinking Water
Flow Rate (L/min) 80 L/min
Hp 1.1 Hp
kPa 500 kPa
Kilo Watts 0.85 kW
Head (max) 50 m
Port Size Inlet 1" BSPF inlet
Powered Electric
Taps 8 Taps
Volts 240 V
Watts 850 W


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