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Stainless Flexible Water Connectors

imageStainless Flexible Water ConnectorsHighest quality construction and materials.






Full 25mm ID FLOW

  • Suitable for potable water-residential and commercial.
  • Water heaters, sinks,toilets,boilers and most water flowing appliances.
  • Water Treatment/Purification/Water Softeners.
  • Highest quality construction and materials, all fittings chrome plated solid brass
  • Ease of installation SAVES TIME & MONEY. Connectors will not kink or Crimp, no deformity in curvature! Will hold bend. No rubber or plastic hose to reduce flow.


  • Max Working Pressure-200 PSI.
  • ICC ES PMG- Certified to NSF ANSI Section 61

Compliance to the following standards:

  • ASME A112.18.6 CSA B125.6-2009 NSF 61

Compliance to the following coodes:

  • 2009 IPC
  • 2009 IRC
  • 2009 UPC
  • AB 1953 Low lead
Manufactured to US Military/Aerospace specifications.

We have it to hand when you're just about to run out!

We stock the necessities you need to order every month!
  • Need reminding? No problem as you can request our online system send you a reminder so that you don't run out of product!
  • We always do our best to source a variety of accessories that will meet the needs of our customers. If you want something, please let us know!
  • Like our featured product ranges, our accessories are guaranteed against manufacturing faults too!

Quality Accessories backed by a Service to match!

If you want it installed we can do it for you!
  • Replacement parts and fittings are from the original manufacturer or quality third party.
  • Let us know if you can't install it yourself and we'll happily install your products for you (contact us for further details).
  • Look out for our online product demonstrations coming soon! You'll be amazed at how far we'll go to get you the right product!

It's not all Pumps, Tanks & Filters!

Supplying quality products to our customers whatever their need!
  • Why not browse and choose from our online range of additional products?
  • Some of our products come in a variety of colours, styles and sizes.
  • At Malmaks Watershop we're always happy to ship your products to your address - even happier to meet you in person.

Water Pressure, Integrated Control at your fingertips

Save time, minimise disruption, maximise efficiency and make healthy savings on your water bill!
  • Precision control of water to swimming pools, spas, ponds, gardens and houses of all sizes.
  • The highest grade materials always used and formed into robust designs.  Quality solutions, low maintenance... built to last
  • Low noise output allows for relaxation, play and appreciation of all your water features in peace.

Aquatic Water Systems that meet all of your Rural Needs.

Reliable pumps and pressure systems for the man on the land
  • You choose the fuel.  Electricity, Petrol and Diesel power machines adapt to your environments.
  • Boost and transfer water for farming, irrigation and turf watering.  Empty and fill reservoirs and tanks.  Wash down farm and commercial equipment after use.
  • Easy to install, compact designs, corrosion and wear resistant, suitable for high water temperatures, long motor and pump life.

An Unprecedented Range for our Commercial Customers

Heavy Duty Usage water system for the Commercial Environment."
  • There's a model to handle your job, whether it be pumping water out of a basement, septic water removal or effluent disposal from a dairy or piggery.
  • Quality that's built to ISO specifications and suitable for all types of industrial systems.
  • Quiet operation: ideal for operation in homes, hospitals or commercial premises where noise control is important.

Ultraviolet, for the complete inactivation of viruses and bacteria in Drinking Water

The effective and economical means of eliminating harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies
  • UV sterilsers provide many years of reliable operation at an economical price.
  • UV disinfection inactivates micro-organisms without adding chemicals and effecting taste.
  • Simplistic designs allow for easy homeowner maintenance. UV lamps can be changed without interrupting the water flow.

Remove those necessary particles from your drinking water.

The right water filter cartridge for the right job in your home or work premises.
  • Choose from a wide range of filter cartridges to suit your environments.  We have filters for houses, cottages, hotels, restaurants, commercial outlets, caravans and campers!.
  • Improve the higene of your rain water by removing giardia systs and faecal matter.
  • Filter out unwanted chlorinated tastes, neutrilise off-putting odors and protect your pipe work from corrosion.

Clean, refreshing, chemical-free water...

The refreshing safe and healthy alternative to tap water for your home and work premises
  • Choose from a variety of bench top and free standing water coolers.
  • Water cooler plastic parts are made from food grade (ABS & PP) materials and silicon rubber pipes are food grade FDA standard.
  • Why not also store your cold drinks in the 16 litre water cooler fridge (optional)?

Technology's Latest Tank Level Indicators

When your water tank is low, make the smart choice and invest in a tank level indicator.
  • Display your tank level inside the home on an LCD display.
  • Alerts you if your using more water than you typically do - pointing to a possible leak.
  • Switches on your pump automatically when your water tank level gets too low.

What if my tank is installed below ground level?

Your water tank level can still be measured if the tank has been installed below the ground.
  • Installation is fast and easy.
  • Indicators can be monitored on a variety of units (water tanks, water storages, reservoirs and cisterns).
  • Made from strong durable materials able to withstand our New Zealand conditions.

If you're sticking to a budget...

Check out our range below $100...
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • No batteries or wiring required.
  • Low maintenance required. UV resistant

Quality tanks to suit your lifestyle!

Strong, durable and no maintenance required
  • Rainwater tanks are fully UV stabilised.  Clean, pure, fresh water - no "tainted" taste.
  • Made of strong, one piece corrugated construction.  Won't rust, warp, crack or fail in any way.
  • 20 year guarantee!.  Tank material complies with AS/NZS Drinking Standards

Storing water that is under pressure is no pressure at all!

Robust hydro-pneumatic water pressure vessels of captive diaphragm design.
  • For household, farm or industrial water pressure systems; hydronic heating system expansion tanks and water hammer arrestor systems
  • Thicker diaphragm materials plus appliance like enamel finish protects against wear, tear, and rusting for a longer life .
  • Heavy duty materials meet EEC requirements for potable water and ISO 9001:2000 for quality .

Size and Colour always do matter!

Pick from a wide range of sizes and colours. 
  • 14 different colours available.  Rainwater tank sizes range from 450 litres to 30 000 litres!
  • Save space and water with an aesthetically pleasing siimline tank.  Blend well with your Heritage!
  • Create your ultimate Rain Harvesting Package from our Ready To Go Kit ranges.  Make life simple and easy!

New Service and Repair Centre!

At the request of our customers, we at Malmaks Water Shopare delighted to announce the opening of our Service and Repair Centre which is now open for business! If any of your following items need repair at anytime, please contact us or pop in and see us for an inspection and a quote:
  • UV Filters
  • Wholehouse Systems
  • Garden and Commercial Systems

Prices start from $280 NZD.

Call Terry Burgess on 09 530 8872.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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